OSCE/Review putting it all together

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  • Make sure you wear gloves
  • For the OSCEs, do the urine first so that you don’t have an awkward time waiting for results
  • Make sure you dip all the different sections in. Give it a tap and a wipe on the container and then put it on a paper towel (on a flat surface). Usually have to wait 60 seconds to read. You have to wait 2 minutes for the leukocytes to come through. Note that some of them can start to change with air exposure etc beyond 2 minutes
  • pH is normally about 6-7??
  • In giving a summary, give the thing you find first (e.g. haematuria) and then the things that were normal or there was no evidence of (or just say “everything else was normal”)
  • Make sure you hold the dipstick up the right way
  • Nitrites are often with an infection (bacteria in urine producing them)
  • For infection you’re going to be looking for nitrates and leukocytes. Also blood
  • For diabetes you would look at glucose and ketones. A diabetic with high ketones is important but less important in someone who has been out drinking and is dehydrated.