HMA/Museum/Valvular heart disease


In February 1958, a 61 year old man injured his toe, which became infected, subsequently spreading to the toe bone (osteomyelitis). As it failed to respond to treatment, the toe was amputated. In June 1958, he suddenly became ill, with shivers and incontinence of urine and on 22.6.58 he was admitted to hospital. Diabetes was diagnosed, and insulin treatment was commenced. Golden Staph was recovered from his blood. His fever responded to IV antibiotics, but recurred when treatment was stopped. On 27.758 his temperature suddenly rose to 38.2C and he died. Post mortem revealed acute staph. infection of his heart valve, with abscesses in the spleen, kidneys and brain. There is a large, crumbly mass of organisms and blood clot on the front cusp of the mitral valve, which lies between the left atrium and ventricle, and there is a hole in the valve beneath this. The other valves and the heart muscle are normal.