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WikiMedia Commons is a website that stores open-copyright material (particularly pictures) online for use in many Wikis (like this one!).

Note: this is a fantastic way to incorporate medical images into a page without having to upload.

One of the most useful features for Medical students is the collection of plates from Gray's anatomy, available here. I suggest searching through Gray's Anatomy textbook and finding the plate that is relevant based on topic.

An image

To incorporate one of these images into your page, just use the following procedure:

  1. Find the file you're interested in by browsing WikiMedia Commons
  2. Locate the filename e.g. Gray33.png
  3. Incorporate the file in a thumbnail:

 [[File:Gray33.png|thumb|right|300px|An image]]

which produces the thumbnail to the right.

Or you can incorporate the file/s in a gallery:

 File:Gray33.png|An image
 File:Gray34.png|Another image
 File:Gray35.png|Yet another image image

which produces:

For an example of this in action, check out SH/Lectures/8-Upper respiratory tract anatomy