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I am new to this "Wiki" thing -- where do I get help?

How do I grab images from a PDF (e.g. Soon's notes) and put them into the Wiki?

  1. Save a copy of the image in paint
  2. Upload images from the file manager toolbar on the side
  3. Link the image in from the actual file, there are some tips given when you upload the file or you can just look at the formatting on other pages to see how other people did it. Alternatively, check out Help:Contents for more information on how to include the image into the article.

How do I send an email to a StudyingMed user?

  • Go to their user page, then click 'Email this user' in the sidebar toolbox below the search bar
  • You can send mass emails using the Email address list

Why can't I send gifts to my friends?

This is a bug. Sorry, I'll try to fix it soon :-)

Why do some users have names without spaces/one word names?

These users were on the site when it first began and a different format was used for user names.

They probably helped develop some of the first articles! Props to them!