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Sex, gender, transgender and transexual definitions

  • Sex - medical(Biological and physiological characteristics in a man and a women)
  • Gender - masculine versus feminine (Social construct of behaviors)
  • Transgender- gender identity different from the sex assigned to them at birth.

(Choose to identify your gender rather than your sex)

  • Intersex- hormonal or genital features typical to both male and female
  • Disorders of sexual development (DSD)(intersex)

Intersex is not transgender

  • Transgender is VERY different to intersex (Disorders of Sex Development).
  • Somebody who identifies as transgender usually has an unambiguously male or female biological sex of birth which matches sex assignment. But later on the individual experiences gender dysphoria and sees their gender identity as incongruent with their biological sex.
  • They may seek hormone treatment in order to live as the other gender and may identify as a transgender person or a transman (birth sex female) or transwoman (birth sex male).
  • If that person goes on to have surgery to alter their gonads/ genitals this is sex reassignment and the person may identify as being transsexual, or a man (birth sex female) or woman (birth sex male) with a transsexual background, and is able to acquire legal status in the reassigned sex if certain criteria are met.



  • wikipedia:Klinefelter's syndrome
    • What is the chromosome abnormality?
    • How does this present?
    • What happens to children with this disorder prior to, during and after puberty?
  • wikipedia:Androgen insensitivity syndrome
    • What is AIS? when a genetic male cannot respond normally to androgen hormones
    • May appear female but may also have male characteristics
    • May have a vagina but no cervix or uterus
    • Will have testes but these are in the intra-abdominal region or elsewhere
    • Mostly diagnosed during puberty as breasts develop but fail to menstruate