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  • Backwards to move forward
  • Slides are going up
  • Exam will be formed around the SGs
  • Lots of embryology and physiology
  • Look at the genogram, identify what's wrong with all of them.
  • Memorise where all the development shit happens
  • Failure to thrive = weight faltering = serial weight measurements showing significant loss - crossing centiles and/or below 5th centile
    • Has to be serial
  • Calorific needs, nutrition etc; remember all that garbage since it's in the exam
    • Phases of learning to eat, and what to eat
  • Study the alternate cases on the wiki -- so SGs just got bigger.
  • Intellectual disability and William.
  • Use of the blue book for monitoring/screening
  • Know all the milestones
  • Don't forget there's a fair bit about infection; URTI, GIT, pharmacology of GIT
  • Note endocrine stuff
  • Main causes of delay
  • Don't learn the cray cray cascade diagrams, just which enzymes are blocked
  • wiki stuff assessable
  • BTW the genogram gets bigger each time
  • How and when does stress become depression
  • Feedback hard on the course
  • No short answer question about QMP in the exam
  • But there will be bias/confounding in the exam
  • More QMP is back in HMA