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  • Use your higher cognitive functions as long as you can to reduce the risk of dementia
  • One way people memorise things is to correlate the list of objects to spaces.
  • Played some memory games and did some things while pretending you've had a stroke
  • Largely irrelevant
  • Parkinson's disease video
    • Famous people got Parkinson's disease e.g. MJ Fox, and Mohammed Ali
    • Courtney Clarke: Lost sense of smell, taste, Intermittent tremor
    • 80k Australians with PD, 10% of them are diagnosed before 40 years old
    • Progressive illness affecting coordination of movement
    • Keep yourself occupied with a hobby if you have PD
    • Stop swinging one arm, get micrographia, develop tremor
    • Parkinson's = Tremor (resting), Rigidity, Akinesia (bradykinesia), Postural changes (balance problems, gait problems)
      • Diagnosis is done based on symptoms
    • Might have falls etc
  • Treatment --> honeymoon movement (for a couple of years)
    • Also positive attitude, keeping active with hobbies etc, support, encouragement, help, !!buzz words!!
    • Courtney Clarke: "I'm me, I'm not my disease".
    • Progressive illness with no cure
    • Exercise - the more you do, the more you're able to do
  • Coping mumbo jumbo; psychosocial of neurodegenerative disease
    • buzz words: respite care, realistic goals, recruit support etc