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  • Table
    • Columns - 1) feeding and hydration via PEG 2) supportive care - turning, washing etc 3) antibiotics if fever develops 4) resuscitation if cardiopulmonary arrest occurs 5) maintenance on a ventilator 6) analgesia
    • Rows: 1) persistent vegetative state 2) coma 4 weeks plus 3) elderly person with terminal stomach cancer (can't eat/drink) 4) end stage dementia 5) anencephalic baby 6) coma 2 weeks
  • Definitions from lecture: 1) ordinary or extraordinary care 2) obligatory or optional care.
    • Optional = don't necessarily do it (depending on circumstances - some patients need a ventilator normally e.g. during surgery, others it is optional e.g. vegetative)
  • Emmanuel Kant - all humans are given access to food/water even if they're vegetative
  • Doctorine of Double Effect (Catholic hospitals, pain relief)
    • Give a high amount of pain relief that will hasten death

Tutor's notes